Here's how to edit your auction on the Auction Collective: Log in to the Auction Management System (AMS).

  • Click on the "Auctions" tab. If you are running multiple auctions this tab will have a view of all your auctions.
  • Select the auction you wish to edit. 

  • Once you are in the auction view, click on the "auction details" tab.
  • Your auction details are already pre-populated by the Auction Collective team but you can make further edits by clicking on the "Edit" button on the top right corner. 

  • Once you are on the Edit page, you can make changes to the auction, including the auction title, description, dates, and currency.
  • You can also add a password to the auction if you wish to keep the auction private. 


For a detailed demo on how to create auction lots, see: Adding 'lots' to your auction.



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