The following list outlines key marketing opportunities in the auction cycle as well as some recommended promotional activities for you to help spread the word about your auction. 

1. Auction Created

Your actions
- Reach out to press 
- Share 'save the date' with your contacts
- Add the auction to online listing sites
- Engage your auction ambassadors ready for 'Go Live' 
The Auction Collective
- Creates auction registration page (your main URL) 
- Adds auction to TAC Upcoming Auctions page

2. Auction lots go live

Your actions
- Your newsletter / email outreach  
- Comms Pack shared with all auction collaborators
- Begin social media campaign 
- Activate paid promotions 

The Auction Collective
- Emails the auction’s registered bidders
- Sends newsletter to TAC mailing list 
- Promotes across social media

3. Bidding in progress

Your actions
- Reciprocal promotion on social media 
- Keep regular comms with Ambassadors, partners and sellers to keep promoting 
- Send ‘Last chance to bid’ email to your networks 

The Auction Collective
- Reciprocal promotion across social media
- ‘Last chance to bid’ email to registered bidders

4. Auction Ends

Your actions
- Thank you and celebration message 
- Results and, if a charity, share the actions enabled by the auction and other ways to donate
- How to get involved in the next auction 

The Auction Collective
- Social promotion of results 




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