When processing payments on behalf of sellers, The Auction Collective follows the below timeline. For seller's processing their own payments, we recommend they follow a similar protocol (see here). 



TAC Action

Auction Day

  • Payment request email sent through Auction Management System (AMS)
  • Sellers notified of results 

Day 2

  • 1st 'Polite Payment Reminder' email sent 

Day 4

  • 2nd 'Late Payment Reminder' email sent 

Day 6

  • Buyer is called by TAC team to check they have received the emails 
  • Personal email sent from TAC inbox to check they received the Payment Request email 
  • Seller updated and asked if they know the buyer and can help contact them

Day 8

  • Legal 'Overdue Payment' email sent with 48 hour deadline to pay 

Day 10

  • If still no payment, the user is banned from the platform  
  • Seller is updated
  • The underbidder is approached at their bid value to make the purchase